About Us


Franc Mont is a company which is specialized in performance engineering works, with an emphasis on the ventilation systems, heating and cooling, and air conditioning.

Our focus is in investments such as shopping centers, industrial buildings, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, facilities and special purpose facilities that require high standards and the application of new technologies. Our knowledge, expertise, level of training, professionalism and competence of our team of engineers, assemblers, and associated logistics have provedthemselveson a large number of demanding projects at home and abroad, meeting the highest standards of profession and quality.

If you click on the column references or gallery will open up all the buildings on which we are currently engaged (in progress) and all those who have been completed stand for us as the backbone and the pride of our team as a whole. Our projects in progress and those who are behind us are placed on themarket through which we operate our work, and except Croatian and BiH markets, there are also demanding foreign markets of Germany, Russia, and from this year, expanding to a new market of African countries – Algeria.

Franc Mont is a private company since the beginning of its operations that began in 2004 in joint cooperation with the company O-Climate Ltd., to full independence in 2011, since when we still act completely autonomous and independent and still 100% privately owned. The company currently employs 200 workers, through its offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and Russia.

THE VISION of the company’s business development is strengthening the knowledge of leading professional staff, along with monitoring the latest trends in the business and our activities.

The strength of our company lies in our people who are in mutual trust and respect internally and to third parties, investors, clients and all business associates, at the highest level, because for us it is the most important part of the business and our future projects.

THE STRATEGY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN IMMEDIATE PROFIT! The mission, which conducted all our employees leading to all of the above previously stated principles of mutual trust and respect of all the participants of our activities and operations.